"Just some of the everyday phrases we owe our wonderful 450 year old birthday boy." - @stephenfry


"Just some of the everyday phrases we owe our wonderful 450 year old birthday boy." - @stephenfry

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aww Arya :( she makes me so sad sometimes. This is SO good though

Thanks!  I am really pleased with what I have in mind for Arya.  I can’t say I have anything wholly “planned” bc I can’t with this verse, but I like the trajectory I hope to incorporate!


They even have Lil’ Sebastian. I love this.


They even have Lil’ Sebastian. I love this.

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Anonymous asked: Why are you so mad that the adaptation is "screwing up" the books? Just read the books! It's not like HBO is retroactively changing the original text to match their stupid decisions.


Do you really want to know, Anon? It’s very simple. Yes, the books are the books. And I love the books. Possibly more than I’ve ever loved any series of books, and this one isn’t even done yet.

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I don’t know.

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.


 e m m a j a y

crystal clear, thank you! :D

Sweet :D

I love you. I’ll wait for you. Come back. Come back to me.

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crossingwinter asked: Brienne/Sam - At Ollivanders


sam’s pretty sure he’s never seen such a tall girl in all his life, and since she’s in ollivanders too he knows that she must be eleven too and he can’t quite believe it. well until she smiles shyly at him as their fathers talk and asks him what house he wants to be in.

when they spend the entire train journey to hogwarts a week later talking non stop about their very different interests sam knows that he’s found a friend despite the fact he knows they’ll never be in the same house (and that’s far more than he was expecting).

Anonymous asked: idk if you have an answer to this, but do you know why sometimes in asoiaf, characters call their uncles "nuncle"?? asha does it, and cersei did it once i think. thoughts?

So, ‘nuncle’ is an archaic/dead form of the word uncle that used to be used interchangeably with ‘uncle’.  If I recall my linguistics class correctly, it came in and out of existence because of ‘an’ ‘uncle’ and a weakening of the separation between the two words so that it became ‘a’ ‘nuncle’.  

My understanding of the term as I’ve come across it is that it’s a formof endearment, a play with the correct word by using the “wrong” form as a child who is still learning their way towards fluency might.  The only other place I’ve come across it is in Shakespeare, and, knowing GRRM, there’s probably some sort of connection/reference/homage there, but I’m no Shakespeare expert by a mile, so I really shouldn’t even try.  (onlyalittlelion might have something to say on the matter?)

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I got chiilllls, they’re multiplying! O_O So good! A lovely addition!

Thanks :D :D

donottalktomeinthemorning asked: Hey, hi, I have a question, or doubt, I'm sorry, maybe you explained it before... The drabbleverse is a... serie? I mean, all the drabbles are in the same "universe"? and that's why the name? I've only read some, the ones of the characters I like the most, so, I'm not sure if 'm following it. It all happens in the same world/time? and you give one drabblexcharacterxchapter?

That’s a good question.  I feel like I explain it poorly every time, so I’m happy to clarify until it’s clear!

The way I am conceiving of it is that these are all drabbles that take place in the same world, or ‘verse.  They are all happening in chronological order, hence chapters.  Chapter 2 Arya’s drabble happens after Chapter 1 Arya’s.  Sansa has several drabbles in chapter 1 - they happen in the order in which they appear.  I base how many drabbles occur per chapter per character entirely on prompts.  I’ve gotten butt-tons of Sansa related prompts and because of that, her story weaves in more with other characters’ plotlines.  Which means that she’s more likely to come up in their later chapters where she might not be “prompted” because of the ‘verse concept.  If, at the next chapter, I get six prompts for Rhaegar Targaryen  I will write six drabbles for Rhaegar Targaryen.

I think it’s more than fine to only keep up with certain characters’ storylines.  I think, ultimately, I’d kind of like it to evoke ASOIAF proper, so that you can only read the Arya chapters and have a sense of her story, but also know that her story weaves around other POV characters, you know?

Does this clarify?  If not, definitely let me know!